21 April 2011

Don't be yourself

The phrase 'be yourself' shall not be applied anymore. People use these two words to tell that one's shall never be hypocrite, one's must always show his true colour. One's shall not be two faces and only be nice when he(she) thinks needed. However this does not totally allowed you to be yourself. That's right that we must not be hypocrite but to show our true colour is wrong.

Why do I say like that?

There's something wrong being yourself. Why? It is because being yourself is not the best choice. How about you are a bad person? Is it right to be a bad person?

I don't like these two words because its allow anybody to continue being illegal being wrong, being sinful, being negative and so on. Be only the positive side of yourself. Exclude the ugly out of it.

I strongly believe that everyone must not be hypocrite. However I do not agree that one's must show his true colour. In my opinion one must only show the positive part of himself. In every situation, be positive is always the best choice. I disagree that one's must be himself because nobody is perfect. Human will always has weaknesses. So being yourself with that weaknesses will not help you much.

Don't be yourself.
Don't be what others tell you to.

Prevent yourself from being the follower of Satan.

Be a person who always obey to Allah,
Be what Allah tell you to.

May our life be blessed. Life will be full of TEST. Be patience because Allah knows what the best for us.

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